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"A Long Way Down"

June 17, 2004

Did you see the NYT Mag "money" issue on June 6? A lot of it was devoted to white-collar crime. Our girl's collar ain't white, but the depiction of Jay Jones' conviction and time in a federal prison was really good, and from what I know honest and accurate on a lot of levels.
I didn't cut and paste before it was moved into pay archive, but it starts here.

MAGAZINE DESK | June 6, 2004, Sunday
A Long Way Down
By Bruce Porter (NYT) 7571 words
You could hear the corrections officer jingle his chain and turn his heavy Folger Adam key in the lock before the door swung open and Jay Jones came walking into the visiting room. It's a big space with a lot of chairs but no exterior windows, so Jones had no...

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