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Piper update, May 7: Fun with Fiber Optics

May 09, 2004

I haven't been updating the site much because Piper specifically said: Don't create a damn blog, dude, make people write me.

But a lot of people have been asking for updates and she has softened her stance and says posting some on the site would be fine (and that people have been writing her all the time … and she loves you, man).

Piper's job assignment is as an electrician, which seems to cover everything from changing light bulbs to fixing hair blowdryers to occasionally messing with fiber optic cables. She's caused an electrical black out once (briefly) and in short order, she's pretty much established herself as top dog in the boss's shop (though this has led to everyone bringing her their broken headphones to fix all the time). One thing we know: our girl will be handy around the house when she gets out. Good thing, as I'm certainly not.

She's still in good stead with reading material, though the place in general could use more books by Puerto Rican writers, as well as art books that are: a) fairly visual; b) not too snobby. So if anyone has anything like that on their shelf that they won't miss, she'd love to add it to the library.

And there's this media update from a recent letter:
"I received two copies of the New Yorker today, to my horror. This means that some nice soul out there has accidentally sent me a second subscription. My friend who had been giving me her New Yorkers was already annoyed I starting getting my own subscription ("what a waste!"). I have no idea who is responsible for my second subscription but something has to be done, as $100 of New Yorkers is ridiculous. Fucking things are already piling up all over the prison."

That's it for now. It's three months down at this point. She's doing really well and appreciates all the support from people far and close.

Coming soon (by popular demand): Free Piper t-shirts.

-- Baby Tees Are Sold Out! --